Saturday saw the hashtag #AbledsAreWeird trending on Twitter, highlighting the weird, thoughtless, ableist and offensive things said by non-disabled people to members of the disabled community.

The hashtag was started by blogger Imani Barbarin on Friday, when she tweeted: “I think about the time an abled random stranger threw my crutch into the pool ‘to help me swim’ a lot. #AbledsAreWeird”

We’ve compiled some tweets from the weekend to show you just how weird, condescending and outright inconsiderate non-disabled people can be towards disabled people.

However, the hashtag also drew the ire of non-disabled people:

Do you have your own #AbledsAreWeird experience? Tweet us and let us know, or use the hashtag to share your thoughts with the world.

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Source: Twitter/Imani Barbarin
Image: Flickr/World’s Direction


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