After the Warrington Wolves beat the South Sydney Rabbitohs 34-12 at the inaugural Physical Disability World Club Challenge, the team took themselves out into Sydney to celebrate.

But the laughs and smiles subsided when the team were rejected from a number of clubs as a member of the team, who has cerebral palsy, was “slurring his words” and mistaken for being intoxicated, tweeted player and comic Adam Hills, who added that he was “fucking appalled” with his hometown.

Hills, who presents Channel 4’s The Last Leg and is a staple of the UK and Australian comedy scene, is being urged to “name and shame” the clubs on Twitter, where fans have noted the prevalence of stories not dissimilar to this in Sydney.

Less than a week ago, the Marlborough Hotel in the Newtown area of the city hit the headlines when a patron, who also has cerebral palsy, was knocked back from the bar while security staff mocked her for appearing intoxicated while she tried to celebrate her 21st birthday.

A patron who witnessed the incident claimed one of the security guards said, “watch this disabled bitch fall,” to which the other guards simply laughed, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

What happened to Hills’ teammates goes deeper still, with similar incidents occurring in the UK on a regular basis. In April, 24-year-old Grace Currie was thrown out of a Weatherspoons pub when a bouncer mistook her cognitive impairment for inebriation, while earlier this month Peter Drury, who has learning difficulties, was refused entry to the Empire in Middlesborough when a security guard accused him of being drunk.

Image: Shaun Briscoe/Twitter


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