Online retail giant Amazon has quietly removed a number of books from its website after an investigative piece by Wired revealed that the website stocked a number of books which promoted deeply harmful “cures” for autism, including bleach enemas.

The exposé, published on Monday by Wired, showed that Amazon was selling a number of dangerous books, including Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, which Wired says teaches the reader how to create chlorine dioxide, a highly corrosive and toxic which is ordinarily used in the bleaching of wood pulp and chlorination of drinking water in low concentrations.

Another of the books listed in the article, Fight Autism and Win, encourages parents to subject their autistic child to a process called chelation, a treatment which removes heavy metals from the body. Its use as a treatment for autism is considered extremely controversial; anti-vaccination activists claim that autism is “caused” by the presence of mercury in vaccines and the process of chelation is designed to remove this. However, there is no scientific evidence which supports either the claim that chelation can “cure” autism or that autism is in any way caused by the presence of mercury in vaccines.

A number of deaths as a result of chelation therapy have been reported, including the 2005 death of five-year-old Abubakar Tariq Nadama, who died after being brought to the United States for a series of treatments.

Amazon UK has confirmed to UNITE Magazine that both of these books are no longer available on the website as Wired reported, but declined to comment further regarding the issue.

A cursory search of the website, however, shows that a number of books which promote “cures” for autism or the associated symptoms are still easily available, including books that promote the Nemechek Protocol, “holistic recovery,” and dietary changes.

The Guardian revealed that Amazon were funding anti-vaccination not-for-profits through the AmazonSmile Foundation, including Age of Autism, who believe that autism is a result of “vaccine injury,” and that mandatory vaccination is comparable to rape.

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Source: Wired/The Guardian
Image: Flickr/MS

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