For the second time in six months the BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, has been forced to highlight problems at Heathrow Airport after being left stranded on a plane for 30 minutes after the flight landed.

The flight from Krakow, Poland landed early at Heathrow Airport but was not designated a spot at a jetty which allows passengers to disembark without steps. Mr Gardner told the BBC that he had to wait for a high-lift to allow him to disembark the plane, which he said came quite quickly. However, after struggling to get the high-lift to connect with the plane the crew only succeeded in locking themselves inside their hydraulic cabin.

Mr Gardner luckily did see the funny side of this absurd situation, tweeting:

He commended the British Airways crew for using their initiative and getting his wheelchair out of the window of the high-lift and up to the plane to help him disembark.

This situation is just one of many that Mr Gardner has experienced at Heathrow. While he admits he is not angry this time round he told the BBC: “But it’s just a reminder that Heathrow isn’t there yet when it comes to mobility-impaired passengers.”

A Heathrow Airport spokesperson commented: “While this was an isolated technical incident, unrelated to Mr Gardner’s previous experience, we accept both fell short of our standards.”

Lets hope the standards are raised soon.

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