The billionaire owner of retail chain The Range is facing harsh criticism for blocking access to the brand new flagship store which opened this week in Plymouth.

Chris Dawson parked his £200,000 Ferrari 488 on the pavement directly outside the new store, which left disabled patrons struggling to get inside the store.

Raymond McIvor witnessed a woman in a wheelchair being forced to manoeuvre along the road to enter the store, as Dawson’s Ferrari, easily identified by its “DAW5ON” vanity plates, was completely blocking the pavement.

Speaking to the media, McIvor said: “Mr Dawson parked his fancy sports car on the path and we had to use the main road to get past. No one could walk past [the car] on the pavement.

“Everyone in the disabled bays had to go around the car off the pavement for around 10 to 15 meters and to me that’s dangerous. There was a lady in a wheelchair struggling to get around as it was a raised curb.

“It’s disgusting. There was an elderly lady with a stick in each hand who was unsteady on her feet. A car had to stop and let them go past. I felt really frustrated.”

The billionaire has a well-known love of expensive cars, owning a fleet of executive vehicles, including a Bentley and several Range Rovers.

Dawson’s cars have seen him in hot water before, when in October 2015, he parked one of his Range Rovers over the entrance to a funeral home. The car had to be winched out of the way, and Dawson’s actions left a family “distraught” when their relative’s body was left outside the funeral directors due to his actions.

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Source: Yahoo News/The Daily Mail
Image: Norbert Aepli, Switzerland

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