A Texas woman has highlighted the lack of understanding amongst non-disabled people of colostomy bags, revealing that a nightclub bouncer once patted her down so violently that it tore open her stoma bag, before questioning her as to what it was.

NeQueshia Davis, who goes by Sha, was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2008, two months after the birth of her first child. Despite the colostomy bag freeing her from the agony caused by the disease, she now has to endure the ignorance of people who assume the bulge under her clothing is something she’s trying to hide.

“I have had so many negative experiences in public with my stoma, especially in airports and night clubs,’ Davis said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“The work staff in the airports act like they’ve never seen or heard of a colostomy bag when I’m going through the security checkpoints. Some workers will look disgusted or will pat me down roughly without any care for my colostomy bag.

“At night clubs the security guards have patted me down so rough and one time a security guard actually tore off my stoma bag after pulling at it so hard, then he questioned me on what it was.

“It can also be embarrassing when I’m in quiet places and my stoma bag passes gas, or when it needs to be emptied and it looks like a balloon is sticking out of my shirt.

“I’ve had shop workers stare at me when it’s been full because they think I’ve stolen something.”

Sha blogs about her life with Crohn’s on her Instagram, The Girl With The Bag. She hopes that living her life through her blog will “spread positivity” regarding the disease, and normalise stoma bags for people who may not understand how it works.

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Source: The Daily Mail
Image: The Girl With The Bag/Instagram

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