Separation from EU could mean a loss of funding for disability charities, the Equality and Diversity Forum claims. 

Areport by the Equality and Diversity Forum, a composite network of human rights organisations in the UK, says the government has made no commitment to replace the billions of pounds which the EU currently gives to support many people across the UK, including disabled people, victims of domestic abuse and vulnerable migrants.

Although no replacement for the fund has currently been announced, the Conservative Party manifesto laid out plans to create a “UK Shared Prosperity Fund,” which it claimed would replace this funding in local areas, but no consultation has been undertaken to determine the scope and focus of this fund.

Sue Bott, deputy chief executive of Disability Rights UK said: “Disabled people make up a key group of those who benefit from European funding streams. From hate crime through to improving employment potential, there is a massive range of currently funded schemes which make a difference to disabled people’s lives.

“Without this kind of investment disabled people risk losing the help they need to live independently. Such schemes include community support for people who are socially isolated, skills development to improve employment prospects, and combatting mental health

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