A devastated bride has taken to Facebook asking for advice after her mother-in-law asked that her disabled father be un-invited from her wedding.

The Metro reported that the unnamed woman from the United States took to a wedding shaming group on Facebook to ask for advice after her fiancé began acting strangely regarding the planning of their big day.

She wrote: “When I was a little girl, my dad was involved in a really bad accident and was burned over a large portion of his body. He lost part of one limb and has some serious disfigurement. He has been a great dad and I never think about it.

“A few weeks ago, my fiancé started acting strange when we talked about the wedding. Then his mom called me out of the blue and told me that she didn’t think my dad should come to the wedding.

“She thinks that he will upset the guests and ‘traumatise’ any children who might be there. She is suggesting that we have a private family ceremony before the big blowout.”

Unsurprisingly, the anonymous bride did not take well to the suggestion, turning to her mother for advice, and became even more upset when her mother and father said they would understand if that’s what she wanted to do.

She added: “Maybe my future [mother-in-law] had a point, but I would really rather disinvite her than my dad.”

Others in the group were shocked and disgusted by the mother-in-law’s suggestion, with one saying “that is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever read.” Another agreed, adding: “Run, because she’s a monster.”

Some suggested that her fiancé should have spoken up, warning the bride that it was a bad sign that he didn’t tell his mother that her request was outrageous.

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Source: The Metro
Image: Flickr/Serena Obert

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