Comedian Tanyalee Davis has once again found herself the target of abuse on an East Midlands train when a woman labelled her a “paedophile bitch” as the service was arriving at Nottingham railway station.

Tanyalee, who has distrophic dysplasia and uses a mobility scooter, hit the headlines earlier this year when a guard on a Great Western Railway service attempted to humiliate when a guard tried to force her to leave the carriage’s wheelchair space for a mother with a pram. She last week was also forced to wait for two hours on a plane at Stansted Airport on her mobility scooter, only to discover the airport had lost a vital piece.

In footage recorded by the comic, she says that the young girl – whose face is obscured – had been reading a text message over her in which she called the family “obnoxious” for making a mess in the carriage and kicking their rubbish at her mobility scooter, which resulted in the girl calling Tanyalee names and making fun of her hands and legs as the young man boy gave her “the finger.” It was at this point that Tanyalee decided to begin recording the incident for her safety.

“Their mother who had been in a different carriage the whole time pounced in calling me a pedophile and started recording me saying she was going to call the police,” Tanyalee wrote in the description of the video, which she uploaded to YouTube soon after the event.

“She made rude gestures to me as a family member grabbed her. The family then stood on the platform making rude gestures.”

The woman begins berating Tanyalee, saying “don’t videotape me,” and accuses her of being a “paedophile bitch” for recording her family.

“It’s classed as paedophile [sic] when you record other people’s children, my concern is that you’re recording children,” she said, before accusing Tanyalee of calling her children “abnormal,” and telling her “if anyone’s abnormal darling, it’s you” as she leaves the train.

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said: “We received a report via our text service of verbal abuse towards a woman on board a train between Norwich and Nottingham on Friday 31 August.

“Officers have spoken with the victim and are currently investigating the incident which happened at approximately 3.30pm.

“Anyone who was on board the train and saw what happened is asked to contact BTP by sending a text to 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 416 of 31/08/2018.”

Image: BBC

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