Campaigners have called for a boycott of a new book which they say promotes anti-autism ideas, with some calling the ideas within “hate speech” and “eugenics.”

How to End the Autism Epidemic is set to go on sale in the UK on 27 September, but Emma Dalmayne, CEO of autistic-led organisation Autistic Inclusive Meets is calling for a boycott of the book, which she says promotes negative ideas about autism.

On the boycott’s page, Emma – who is autistic and has autistic children – wrote: “My children deserve to grow up and we deserve to live in a world that is accepting and inclusive, not one where they are labelled vaccine damaged, injured, an epidemic, a holocaust.

“J.B.Handley has long waged a hate campaign against autistic people. He is co founder of Generation Rescue, along with Jenny McCarthy.

“They rely heavily on pseudoscience and heavily promote a cure and recovery for our neurological condition.

“As Autism is not an illness or injury we say they are spreading false information for monetary gain.”

Generation Rescue are a California-based organisation that promotes the view that autism is the result of environmental factors, especially vaccines, one not shared by the medical community, who have repeatedly debunked the now retracted Lancet paper by Andrew Wakefield et al, from which the theory of vaccines causing autism originated.

Handley and Generation Rescue’s stance has been branded “ableist” by the campaign, who are spreading misinformation about autism and the need to “cure” it.

The publishing of the book has been preceded by the hashtag campaign #EndAutismNow, which has seen users who agree with Handley’s stance call their detractors “bullying” and “gasslighting.”

Chelsea Green Publishing did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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