The Corn Exchange have today announced that they will no longer be holding the Dwarfanators wrestling event on October 25, saying that the event is “no longer appropriate.”

News of the event’s cancellation – which was due to happen on International Dwarfism Awareness Day – comes days after UNITE Magazine brought the concerns that the event would simply promote violence against people with dwarfism to each of the venues.

The Corn Exchange follows in the footsteps of the Morningside Arena in Leicester and Ferndown Leisure Centre in Dorset, who have also cancelled the event.

The Devizes venue had previously said they were reviewing their position, but have since concluded that the “negative impact [the event] will have on the many has to outweigh the benefit it brings to the few.”

In a statement, the venue said: “The venue took the booking in good faith, as it strives to be equally accessible to all members of the community irrespective of race, colour or ability and we believed that the event would offer enjoyable entertainment for all section of our community, being provided by performers who are locally underrepresented.

“Since taking the booking, it has become clear that many members of the dwarf community are subjected to higher than average levels of abuse and personal attack. Given the nature of the event, it is difficult to see how it would not suggest a level of credibility to the behaviour, which is shown towards members of the dwarf community and this is not something we as a venue can be associated with, however unintended.

“We apologise to all those who were looking forward to performing in our venue; however, if one thing has come from this, there needs to be a wider debate and awareness of the problems members of the dwarf community suffer, to ensure that in future informed decisions can be made.”

Website Nothing Else On TV last night posted interviews with some of the wrestlers working with Dwarfanators, and called the act of cancelling the shows one of “discrimination.”

Wrestler Michael Colitti said in a video posted to the website: “I am deeply upset with why one of the venues in England has decided to cancel our show calling it grotesque and horrific. I was under the impression that the UK as a whole had moved away from the Victorian pitch-fork mentality, waiting at castle gates telling people like myself are not welcome around these parts.”

Image: Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling/Website

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