A new study by charity Scope has found that almost half of all disabled working age adults feel excluded from society.

The study shows that 49% of disabled adults don’t feel included in society, while 40% of the same demographic also feel that society doesn’t value them.

As a result, the charity have launched their Disability Gamechangers campaign, urging businesses, politicians, and the public to share what it is they are doing to make the the world a more equal place for disabled people.

Anna Bird, the executive director of policy and research at Scope, said: “It’s a glaring injustice that half of disabled people feel excluded from our society.

“In the past century, we’ve seen action lead to dramatic changes in our society, but there is still a long way to go until all disabled people have an equal chance to live the lives they choose, free from barriers and low expectations.

“From poor attitudes to lack of focus from Government, and from being overlooked in the workplace to being humiliated on public transport, life for many disabled people is still much tougher than it needs to be. It’s time that changed.”

As part of the report, Scope outlined their five key recommendations to achieve equality for disabled people: changing attitudes through governmental strategy groups, ensuring disabled people can access specialist employment support, stabilising the social care system, reforming public transport, and closing the digital divide.

Visit Scope’s website to find out more about their Disability Gamechangers campaign.

Image: Flickr/Matthias Ripp

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