Becky Whitworth boarded a train from York to Doncaster on Monday to find that her reserved with wheelchair space on the London North Eastern Rail service to find her space occupied by a pile of suitcases.

Speaking to the Independent, Becky, who was travelling from Doncaster to Dundee, said that the guards on the train were “rude” and had “no interested in helping.”

Adding insult to injury, she also found the toilet out of order, as the door was “jammed shut.”

Becky also noted that she had been moved onto a service seven hours than she’d originally booked because there was a lack of space. She was not issued new tickets, which caused the guard on the service to become very vocal and aggressive with her. He demanded to see paperwork confirming that Becky was on the correct service, in a “rude” and “aggressive” way.

Tweeting about the incident, she said that the family to whom the bags belonged “just stared out of the window” and her sister had to hole her chair in place on the chair to prevent her from tipping out of her wheelchair.

LNER told Becky that “due to the nature of this complaint, our customer relations manager Mike will handle this personally,” and followed up with an email from Mike Ross, customers relations manager, who wishes to meet her personally to discuss the matter and reach “an amicable outcome” for both parties.

Image: Flickr/Joshua Brown

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