Dundee’s councillor for Coldside Helen Wright has told the Evening Telegraph that she will push for an investigation to be carried out into the chaos being caused by “selfish” motorists parking on noted accident blackspot Clepington Road in the Scottish city.

An investigation by the newspaper carried out at the weekend highlighted the difficulty disabled Dundonians were experiencing in using the pavements while roadworks are carried out on the street, which has exacerbated the already problematic issue of drivers parking on the pavement.

The councillor told the Evening Telegraph that during a surgery held at the weekend, the area has become a “nightmare,” and that an incident occurred where a wheelchair user was forced to take a completely different route to get to the shops due to the issue of both pavement parking and the dire state of the roads.

While not yet passed, the Scottish Government has proposed a blanket ban on pavement parking, a rule which has been in place in London since 1974. The Department of Transport has also announced that it is considering rolling the ban out across the UK.

Speaking previously to UNITE, Living Streets’ chief executive Joe Irvin told us just why keeping vehicles off of pavements is so vital for disabled people.

“Pavements are for people, not vehicles. Pavement parking is especially dangerous for vulnerable passengers, forcing them into the road and into oncoming traffic.

“As well as being dangerous, vehicles parking on pavements can actually stop people being able to use their streets at all. We’re regularly contacted by disabled and older people who are effectively trapped in their homes because there isn’t enough room on the pavement for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

“There needs to be tougher and clearer laws on pavement parking. The Government should stop stalling and bring forward the legislation which has been in the pipeline for some time now.”

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Source: Evening Telegraph
Image: Flickr/Ged Carroll

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