The government has announced that in a bid to promote stability in any potential transition of PIP assessments it has extended Atos and Capita’s contracts to continue the assessments for the next two years.

They are also reportedly looking into IT systems that would allow the government to move some of the work in house.

Chairman of the Work and Pensions Committee and MP Frank Field, headed up an investigation into the workings of the PIP assessment process in September 2017 and the findings showed serious flaws and he noted that “a pervasive lack of trust was undermining its entire operation”. The committee called for a drastic change to be implemented and made their recommendations to government.

Mr Field commented following the announcement of the contract extension: “The government is making the important first steps to enable it to get out of a hole of its own making.”

“Having the capacity to bring assessments back in-house will put it in a far stronger position to turn the screws on its hitherto failing contractors, in the interests of claimants and all taxpayers.

“This should serve as notice for Atos and Capita to start delivering, or else.”


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