The father of a young wheelchair user has taken to Facebook to highlight the awful experience his child had meeting Santa at a Christmas event when the festive figure asked his son if he would ever be able to walk again.

Marc Ollerenshaw from Cambuslang, Glasgow was horrified when he took his son Harley to Gouldings Garden Centre in Carluke to meet Santa at the centre’s Winter Wonderland event, the first time the family has ever attended.

But after a 90-minute wait to meet Santa, Marc was shocked when the first words out of his mouth to Harley were: “Oh what happened to you, was [sic] you in an accident?”

When Harley responded that he was “born like this,” Santa asked: “Will you ever be able to walk again?”

It was at this point their visit ended without the children even being able to ask Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

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Marc wrote in a furious Facebook post: “On the way out I asked if I could speak to a manager and when he arrived. He was annoyed about Santa and asked if we’d be back again, and I told him no we wouldn’t, so what do you think they offered as an apology? A full refund of the £31 paid to get in? Nope not even close, they gave us free passes to come back again during the week! What? Like we will be back after that!

“We are utterly disgusted with the Santa and the fact the manager expects us to go back after such an experience, Harley has done nothing but ask questions on the way home and has told us that he didn’t like it and doesn’t want to go back!”

Marc has since spoken to the owners of Gouldings Garden Centre who have assured him that his complaint will be dealt with in the proper fashion.

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Source: Facebook
Image: Flickr/Aaron Morton

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