Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith says that he has the “right” to deny people benefits if they want the right to not work.

Per the Mirror, the notorious Tory “quiet man” was also frequently called a “dickhead” while learning to drive an HGV in his youth.

Speaking at a fringe Tory conference Duncan Smith told fellow Conservatives: “I saw a great banner the other day at the Labour conference that said ‘we have the right not to work.’

“If I’d been there I might have said ‘you may have the right not to work – I have the right not to give you any money to support you!’

“Getting people back to work has moral purpose, I’m not frightened of saying that, I believe that’s true.”

While Iain Duncan Smith resigned from his position in the Conservative cabinet in 2016 over plans set out in George Osborne’s budget to cut disability benefits, calling this action “a compromise too far,” Duncan Smith oversaw significant cuts to benefits which severely impacted the lives of disabled people – including the spearheading of Universal Credit, a system which Citizens Advice claimed would make 450,000 disabled people and their families worse off.

Duncan Smith pushed a “shake-up” of PIP in the same year, taking £3,500 per anum from disabled people, which resulted in disabled MPs asking him: “How do you sleep at night?” He also said that claimants who had been hit by the brutal sanctions he and his party orchestrated had “thanked” him for taking their benefits away, claiming that 75% of people whose benefits had been sanctioned had said it “helped them focus and get on.”

Image: Flickr/Cabinet Office

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