Loose Women panellist Jane Moore has come under fire for admitting on the show that she has confronted a person parked in a disabled parking bay to tell them they “don’t look very disabled.”

The discussion was sparked yesterday on the ITV panel show after chat about parent and child spaces turned towards disabled parking bays, with the Sun journalist telling her co-hosts: “I have confronted someone I saw parking in a disabled space. She got out of the car like a mountain gazelle. I said: ‘Excuse me, you don’t look very disabled.’

“She told me that she was disabled because she was depressed. Now, you do not need a car parking space next to the entrance of the supermarket because you have depression.”

Moore was criticised by Andrea McLean, who reminded her that not all disabilities are visible. She told her co-host: “Not all disabilities are visible, so you know there could be someone who would have a disability say that they need help, but that space is for someone who’s perhaps physically impaired.”

Moore then revealed that she hadn’t actually checked to see if the person had a Blue Badge or not, basing her questioning entirely on her visual summation of the woman. She said: “I didn’t demand to see the badge. I should have thought of that.”

Viewers were quick to take to social media to challenge Jane’s views:

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Source: ITV
Image: Tony Webster/Flickr


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