A viral video featuring a man wearing a Christmas jumper sporting an image of Harvey Price in a Christmas hat and the phrase “ho ho hello you c*nt” has drawn the ire of mum Katie Price, who has asked why people continue to “mock” her son.

The video, posted by Facebook user Warren Richards, shows a man sitting down to dinner and undoing his jacket to reveal the disgusting jumper. The woman sitting across from him, who is identified in the caption, is clearly less than impressed, asking him to remove the jumper immediately as others at the table both laugh at and deride the man.

When asked where the jumper was purchased, the poster points towards an Etsy store which at the time listed the jumper for sale at £26.99, but the item has since been removed and is no longer for sale.

While an Etsy spokesperson told the Sun that due to their privacy policy they were unable to comment on specific items on their online store, “it is important to understand that Etsy is not a curated or juried marketplace.” Auction site eBay, where the jumper was also sold, immediately suspended the sale of the item and its seller, saying they “have no place on our marketplace.”

Tweeting a link to the Sun’s article, Price said: “Why do people continue to mock my son, if these people met Harvey they would feel disgusted!”

The phrase “hello you c*nt” was uttered by Harvey during an appearance on Loose Women, where he was asked what he would say to trolls who have said something horrible to him, and Harvey gave the reply “hello you c*nt” during the live broadcast. Harvey lives with a combination of disabilities, including septo-optic dysplasia, Prader-Willi syndrome, and is on the autistic spectrum.

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Source: The Sun
Image: Screenshot/eBay


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