Iain Millar has taken to Twitter to fight for his brother Robb to live independently while South Lanarkshire Council say he instead must be put in a nursing home.

Robb, who is 22, has Angelman Syndrome, meaning he needs around-the-clock care which is currently provided by their mother and carers in the family home in Lanark.

While Iain and his siblings lived at their parents house they were able to assist with Robb’s care. Having moved out of the family home, his mother began to find caring for Robb having an impact on her mental and physical health, and reluctantly the family began to look into options which would allow Robb to live independently.

The family managed to source an adapted council house which would allow Robb to live independently, but South Lanarkshire Council are refusing to increase his budget to allow this to happen, and have instead suggested Robb enter a nursing home – a solution proposed by a social worker who Iain says has never even met his brother.

On Friday, the family received a response to a complaint made about the decision, in which the Clydesdale Locality Manager informed Robb’s mum that if she was unable to continue acting as his carer, then “the only support would be admission to emergency nursing care.”

Iain tweeted: “For years our family have fought for my brother to get the care and support Robb deserves. Indeed his current care package was only allocated after a stage two complaint and an intervention by local councillors.

“We have tried to resolve issues quietly and with dignity for my brother but there comes a point when keeping quiet is no longer an option. The social care crisis on our doorstep is at breaking point and this time the cracks are dangerously close to home.”

South Lanarkshire Council were contacted for comment, but did not immediately respond.

Image: Iain Millar/Twitter

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