Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth and minister for disabled people, has resigned from her position in parliament after voting against the government whip on last night’s vote which saw the Commons vote to reject the no-deal Brexit.

Newton is the 15th member of parliament to resign over Brexit, and is among a group of 16 Conservative MPs who sided against the government in the vote that will hope to prevent Britain leaving the European Union without a deal.

Times journalist Sam Coates tweeted last night that the “well regarded” minister was informed that if she abstained from the vote she could remain in her position, but Newton chose instead to resign in order to vote against the motion.

In a statement published on her website last night, Newton wrote: “At the last general election I was given a mandate by my constituents to deliver Brexit, with an orderly transition to a new, close and special relationship with the EU. To deliver Brexit with ‘a deal’ not a ‘no deal’ Brexit. I believe the Withdrawal Agreement and the Future Political Declaration deliver on that manifesto pledge and will continue to support it.

“Today, I resigned from the Government so that I could vote for a motion that honours my commitment to my constituents, to leave the EU with ‘a deal’.

“Like many of my constituents, I have been inspired by the personal courage and resilience of the Prime Minister and will continue to support her Herculean effort to secure enough support from across the House to leave the EU with a deal.”

The Tory MP was criticised harshly in her time as the minister for disabled people, and faced significant backlash for her criticism of the UN’s assessment that disabled people in the UK face a “hostile environment,” which she called “simply not the case” before asking that MPs who brought up the issue to “stop saying things which they know are not true.”

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Source: ITV
Image: Flickr/Cabinet Office

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