Upmarket steakhouse chain Miller and Carter have been accused of discrimination after the mother of a disabled child took them to task in a now viral Facebook post when their Sutton Park branch told that she would not be allowed to book a table for a family Christmas dinner as their son would be “taking up someone’s payable space.”

Mum Hayley was disgusted when she was told by the manager of the Sutton Park restaurant that her one-year-old son, Jude, who is disabled would be taking up a “payable space” at the restaurant when she attempted to book Christmas dinner for her family, as he wouldn’t be eating.

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The status has received over 4000 shares at time of writing, and commenters on the post have expressed their shock and disgust at the discrimination faced by the family, with some calling it “disgusting” and “a disgrace.”

“It’s total discrimination,” said one response. “Take it to the highest level and I hope you’ll be eating Christmas dinner in an inn that doesn’t turn a child away.”

A Miller & Carter spokesperson told UNITE: “We want to stress that no offence was intended and would like to apologise to Hayley for any upset caused. Unfortunately the Sutton Coldfield restaurant only had space for four people or less, not the five places requested.

“However, we do have space to accommodate Hayley and her group at one of our nearby steakhouses and are very happy to arrange this. We do not condone discrimination in any way, however we understand the situation could’ve been handled better at the time.”

The spokesperson also confirmed that one of the chain’s directors is currently in contact with Hayley to help rectify the situation.

UNITE has contacted the family for comment.

Image: Flickr/Elliott Brown


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