New papers seen by the Guardian have revealed that 16% of Universal Credit claimants were not paid on time during the primary roll-out of the system.

Esther McVey delivered the news on Tuesday, having previously called the system a “success,” despite this news breaking just hours after the archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for a halt on the system.

Universal Credit, the system set to replace all forms of government benefits, but has been called a “flawed” and “broken” system that is set to fail hundreds of people. Reports of people falling into debt and rent arrears as they wait 10 to 12 weeks on their benefits are not uncommon.

Following a speech to the Trades Union Congress yesterday, the archbishop of Canterbury said of Universal Credit: “It was supposed to make it simpler and more efficient. It has not done that. It has left too many people worse off, putting them at risk of hunger, debt, rent arrears and food banks.

“When Universal Credit comes into a local area the number of people going to food banks goes up. What is clear is if they cannot get it right they need to stop rolling it out.”

The sentiment was echoed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday as he blasted the Conservatives for “pouring petrol on the crisis” that is the “botched” roll-out of Universal Credit. Corbyn blasted the Prime Minister, saying Universal Credit will “increase the number of children in poverty,” and shamed the Conservatives for continuing to back a policy that hey know to be “flawed and failing.”

Image: Flickr/UK Parliament

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