Paralympic cyclist Tim Challinor has been branded a “sad pathetic lonely man” by management at a restaurant in Eastbourne after he left a review on TripAdvisor which they deemed “malicious”.

Tim visited Tuk Tuk on Terminus road on two consecutive nights, finding fault enough in his service on the second night to leave a review on the website. He wrote that while he enjoyed the food, he was extremely disappointed by the service, saying that just because he was dining alone it was no excuse for him to be ignored by staff.

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Management at the restaurant took umbrage with the review, leaving a furious response to Tim’s review. The reply, which has now been deleted from the website, but was reported in local newspaper the Eastbourne Herald, read:

“You sad pathetic lonely man. You came on a Friday night and as we were not that busy you told the waiting staff your life story and respectfully we listened even though we could not care less that you are a paralympian.

“You returned Saturday night, we were very busy and I could see from the kitchen you kept wanting to talk to our waiter but he was busy serving and making drinks for other customers so could not give you his full attention.

“You were sat next to the bar and all night all your demands were met like ordering three times. When you finished you had a hissy fit that we didn’t treat you special.

“Do yourself a favour mate go on a dating website find a girlfriend or a boyfriend and go to dinner with them. We are not your friend, we don’t want to hear your sad life story and I really don’t appreciate you giving us a bad review and ruining our business simply out off [sic] retaliation.”

Tim told the Eastbourne Herald: “It wasn’t a bad review that I gave Tuk Tuk, I gave an honest opinion. But the reply from management is dreadful.”

Owner and head chef of the restaurant Nobi Hussain told the Daily Mail that he contests Tim’s recounting of events and says that the reply did not come from a place of ableism.

He told the newspaper: “We did not even know he is disabled, his disability is not visible. It is a simple dispute a restaurant and a diner [sic]. We are very upset by this, I cannot believe it is happening.”

“This has taken a toll on us, it is the worst thing I have experienced. People can say whatever they like on the internet. This is not right. If anyone is the victim here, it is us, not Tim.”

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Source: Eastbourne Herald/Daily Mail
Image: Google Maps

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