A newly published survey from the Disabled Children’s Partnership has shown that just under 65% of families of disabled children believe that the quality of social care has gotten worse over the past few years.

The survey, based on the families’ own experiences of accessing or trying to access health and social care services, showed that 75% feel that the quality of health care services have also gotten worse over the past few years, and 45% were aware of specific plans in their area to reduce social car or health services.

Only 0.9% of families thought that the quality of care had gotten a lot better, while just under 3% said it had gotten a bit better.

The DCP are a coalition comprising of more than 60 charities who campaign for the improvement and support of health and social care for disabled children, and have created a five step plan to help improve the situation:

  1. Make disabled children a priority
  2. Review current funding
  3. Clarify existing rights
  4. Create a fund
  5. Change the system

You can read the plan in its entirety here.

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