Campaigners have been left disappointed after being told by Transport Secretary Michael Matheson that Lochwinnoch railway station does not meet the criteria for investment which would allow it to be upgraded for disabled passengers.

The village of Lochwinnoch lies in the south of Renfrewshire, serving as a dormitory village for both Glasgow and Paisley. It is also home to a historic castle and an RSPB bird sanctuary.

The lack of disability access means that passengers with mobility issues cannot alight at the station, but despite campaigning from SNP councillor Emma Rodden, Transport Secretary Michael Matheson has said that Lochwinnoch railway station does not meet the criteria for investment.

However, campaigners have questioned as to why Milliken Park, the station two stops up the line from Lochwinnoch, was deemed worthy of an upgrade to provide access to disabled passengers, when it received the upgrade eight years ago.

Conservative councillor Bill Binks told the Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board on Wednesday: “I can’t understand how we can provide £1.5 million for Milliken Park but we are saying nothing can happen for Lochwinnoch.

“The aging population in Lochwinnoch is a very high percentage and they rely on this service. It’s being totally ignored. That’s what I’m getting here.”

Despite the railway station being deemed unable to receive the upgrade, the local council has put plans in place to make improvements to the A760, the road which runs over the railway line, and the pavement which serves it. The plan will include widening the footpath, installing a dropped kerb for pedestrians to cross, and clearing vegetation.

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Source: Evening Times
Image: Bill McRorie

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