A Glasgow restaurant is facing huge online backlash after being named and shamed in a viral post describing how two men in electric wheelchairs were turned away, with the manager claiming wheelchair users “make too much mess.”

Speaking to UNITE, witness Scott Anderson described the horror of watching the two men being thrown out of King’s Lodge on Union Street, even though it was almost completely empty.

After helping both men up the step with a passerby outside the King’s Lodge, Scott went inside to find the men in an altercation with the manager, who was refusing to let them into the restaurant, citing both wheelchair users’ inability to reach the buffet, and the fact that they make too much mess in the restaurant as reasons for refusing them service.

Asking what it was they had done to be rejected, the manager informed them that wheelchair users “make too much mess.” Another diner told the manager that it was wrong of her to treat disabled people in such a way, and they were told again that wheelchair users “can’t reach the buffet” and “make too much mess.”

At 5pm, when the incident happened, Scott said there were only two tables in use in the restaurant, and there was significant room for the wheelchair users to move around. Both men were extremely upset, and left the restaurant. Scott then confronted the manager, citing not only the law but common decency, and was once again told by the manager that wheelchair users cannot come in as they can’t reach the buffet and make too much mess.

The two parties present in the restaurant were horrified by her response, electing to settle their bills and leave, during which Scott notes that the manager “shooed” him out of the Chinese buffet.

“People can’t be treated like that,” said Scott, “take away human rights and the Equality Act, you just can’t treat another human being like that whatsoever.

“It was that bad and that blatant, if I hadn’t seen it myself, I’d have thought it was a prank.”

The manager of King’s Lodge could not be reached for comment at this time.


Image: Google Maps


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