A Ryanair passenger who was filmed launching a tirade of racist and ableist abuse at a woman on a flight from Barcelona to Stansted will have no charges filed against him by Essex Police.

Passenger David Lawrence filmed the heated exchange in which David Mesher berated the 77-year-old Delsie Gayle on October 19 last year for taking too long to move out of his way when he tried to leave his seat, during which he called her an “ugly black bastard,” an “ugly fucking c*nt,” shouting “don’t talk to me in a foreign language you stupid ugly cow,” and telling her “if you don’t go to another seat I’ll push you to another seat.”

Delsie’s daughter Carole, who was with her on the flight, intervened and informed Mesher that her mother was disabled, as she lives with arthritis, he shouted: “I don’t care whether she’s fucking disabled or not, if I tell her to get out she gets out.”

After Lawrence’s video of events went viral, Essex Police presented evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in order to assess the validity of a case against Mesher, who claimed that despite the tirade, he is not racist, and it was simply “a fit of temper” during an interview on Good Morning Britain.

However, a spokesperson from CPS told the BBC that the police had not officially submitted the paperwork required for them to make a decision regarding charging.

In a statement to the broadcaster, a spokesperson for Essex Police said: “We conducted a thorough investigation and sought advice from the Crown Prosecution Service.

“[The CPS] did not have the jurisdiction to advise on any charging decision.

“We have completed our enquiries as far as we are legally able to, given that the incident did not happen within our jurisdiction, and are now in contact with the Spanish legal authorities so that they can determine how they wish to proceed.”

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Source: BBC
Image: David Lawrence/Facebook


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