Signly, an app which aims to provide hearing impaired rail passengers by delivering essential travel and safety notices in sign language directly to their smartphone or tablet, will be backed by the government as part of a high-tech scheme to aid disabled rail passengers.

The app is just one of seven projects which will receive a share of £600,000 towards their development, including Aubin, which helps people with autism to plan travel based on stress-related preferences rather than time or cost, and Nodality, which gives disabled passengers and carers information on how accessible specific stations are.

Mark Applin, co-founder of Signly, said: “The Signly team are delighted the RSSB have seen the possibilities to improve passenger experience for Deaf passengers who use British Sign Language.

“The grant funding affords the opportunity to meet Deaf passengers and rail employees and develop simple tools that can make a difference day in, day out.”

With disabled train travel constantly in the news as sub-par and unfit for the needs of the passengers they are supposed to be serving, these schemes may be helpful in streamlining aspects of travel, but there is still some way to go before rail travel is truly accessible – just look at the #TravellingWhileDisabled hashtag.


Image: Mikey/Flickr

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