Anita Harvey and her mother, both of whom are disabled, were left in shock when trying to park at the Nuffield Health Tees Hospital as a surgeon took the last remaining disabled parking pay, apparently claiming that he needed the space as he required additional room to open his car’s flip-up doors.

After the surgeon beat her to the space, Anita asked him if he required it, saying, “I know not all disabilities are visual but I still like to ask.”

Anita was shocked when the surgeon told her that: “he apparently has to park in disabled bays because his car doors open a different way so he needs more room.”

The car in question, a luxury £120,000 BMW i8, sports gull-wing doors, meaning they’re hinged to the roof rather than the side of the car, opening vertically instead of horizontally, as a standard vehicle’s doors would.

Anita took her complaint to the hospital’s receptionist, thinking she would apologise on the surgeon’s behalf, but was shocked hear the receptionist defend him, and note that he parks in disabled bays constantly. The receptionist then advised her to park in the hospital’s additional disabled parking bays, located further away from the entrance.

“I am constantly glared at by people especially pensioners when I park in the disabled bays,” Anita said.

“It was only last week that I was verbally abused by a man in Tesco who looked me up and down, laughed at me and said I wasn’t disabled.

“I was furious, then to have this happen was the final straw.”

A spokesperson for Nuffield Health told the Daily Mail: “We were very sorry to learn of Ms Harvey’s experience and we will be contacting her to offer an apology.

“We have also reminded all those who work for us and with us of the importance of respecting the rights of disabled individuals and keeping these bays free for their use.”

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Source: The Sun/The Daily Mail

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