Three former care home employees have appeared in court, charged with 18 offenses relating to mistreatment and neglect of residents at the Winterbrook Nursing Home in Oxfordshire in an ongoing trial.

Elizabeth Collins, Joan Lovell, and Mary Craddock have appeared in the Oxford Crown Court, with residents alleging that the three refused them access to the toilet, slapped and verbally abused them, and went as far as telling a woman with dementia that she had eaten her imaginary pet budgie. The three are also accused of bullying new staff members in offenses that are claimed to have occurred between April 2015 and July 2017.

The court heard video evidence from resident Marjorie Willsman, who Craddock on one occasion called “bloody inconsiderate”  after Willsman asked to use the toilet, refusing to take her. Willsman said that this was a frequent occurrence, which resulted in residents having frequent “accidents,” which left her feeling humiliated. On another occasion, Craddock switched off the bell she used to call for assistance, saying Willsman was ringing it too much.

Willsman said: “It’s not very nice to be made to feel guilty for asking for help.”

Craddock was also accused of slapping and taunting residents, behaviour which manager Collins and supervisor Lovell not only “turned a blind eye” to, but allegedly took part in themselves.

Prosecutor Kim Preston said: “When you are working with people, and vulnerable people in particular, you have an obligation to be respectful and treat them with dignity and kindness.

“Those residents were not treated as they should have been, and there is no excuse for that.”

Source: BBC
Image: Google Maps

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