A DWP tweet from May 2016 has resurfaced which urges jobseekers to travel up to 90 minutes to get to work, prompting furious responses from Twitter users.

The tweet, which advises people to “look for for jobs up to a 90 minute commute away,” as “travelling further opens up more vacancies” includes a blog titled “Travel, for Fun and for Profit” which describes the fun of playing Candy Crush on a train – and was likely written by someone who has never experienced the horrors of a rush hour commute.

It came to light after Horrible Histories creator Greg Jenner quoted the tweet, saying “I commuted for three hours per day for six years. It cost me £3,000 per year and contributed to me having a mental breakdown. It’s not ideal, lads.”

Twitter was not impressed by the suggestion, with users questioning if the account had in fact been hacked, among other things.

Image: Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

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