A video showing a disabled woman being verbally abused at Disneyland after a family refused to leave her service dog alone, despite her repeatedly asking.

The video, which has over 4,000 shares on Facebook and 60,000 upvotes on Reddit, shows the woman recording a man and his family recording her, before the woman says “there’s a reason you’re in that seat” and shouting expletives.

In the Facebook post on her service dog Sulley’s page, she writes that the situation occurred at Disney’s California Adventure while the woman and her dog were resting. The man, who can be seen in the video holding a child, approaches Sulley and begins attempting to get her dog’s attention, and trying to have his child interact with the dog.

Sulley, aka Earl’s Monstrous Sullivan CGC TKA, is a Slovakian mop dog, and assists his handler who lives with fibromyalgia, severe general anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

When the woman told him it made her uncomfortable and she would like to be left alone, he told her he was only looking at the dog and she should “get over it.”

She writes: “I again addressed him with “you’re making me uncomfortable and you’re distracting my service dog from his job. Please leave us alone.” His temper grew to the point his poor child ended up crying, which I noted to him. His wife then comes upon the scene, yells at me and begins filming. I told them to leave or I would have security called. After calling for someone to please call security, I took out my own phone to film for safety.

“I don’t understand how we’ve reached a point where we can’t respect someone who politely says that you’re making them uncomfortable and to just move on. I assure you, your child will be far happier to meet Pluto and Goofy than to merely hawk at my service dog that’s too busy and too well trained to pay any mind to them.”

Distracting service dogs is dangerous, as gesticulating or making noises at a working dog to get their attention can be dangerous for both the dog and the person they are guiding, leading them into harm’s way.

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Source: Facebook
Image: Flickr/K. Nguyen-Tu Photography

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