Grace Currie was thrown out of the Shrewsbury Hotel on Saturday night after staff in the Wetherspoons pub mistook her disability for drunkenness.

The 24-year-old from Shropshire was attending an 18 to 35 group meet-up at the pub with her personal assistant Netty Brook when a bouncer ejected her from the pub without her bag, phone, or coat. Brook found her on the street outside the pub where she appeared “vulnerable,” and had no idea why she had been thrown out of the pub.

Currie has a cognative impairment which affects her speech and movement, which staff mistook as severe inebriation, despite Currie having only had one drink.

Currie had made her way to the bar to buy another drink when staff accused her of being innebriated as she was having slight difficulty speaking, a part of her cognative impairment, as she struggles with finding words and pronouncing them when tired. Staff also mistook her mobility issues for drunkeness, which lead to them having the bouncer escort her from the premises.

In a statement made to the Shropshire Star, Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said:

“The pub manager spoke with Grace and her companion, realising during the conversation that there had been a misjudgement.

“The pub manager apologised to them both and welcomed them back into the pub – which they both agreed to – offered them both a drink and they carried on with their evening.

“We again apologise to Grace for the mistake.”

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