Hollie Brooks was returning from a gig with her boyfriend on a Greater Anglia service when she found the disabled seating occupied by the train’s buffet cart, acting as a “makeshift shop.”

Staff on the service told her that since the buffet car was out of service, the second wheelchair space would be used to serve food and drink.

Speaking to the Guardian, she said that this resulted in her becoming completely blocked in, preventing her from easily accessing the bathroom by people queuing up to buy food.

“The station staff [at Norwich] were great,” Hollie told the Guardian. “They had everything ready but she said to me that they’re storing trolleys in the disabled space but I’ve told them to move it.”

However, when Hollie’s boyfriend boarded the train with their bags, he found the area they had reserved was full of buffet trolleys and boxes, which her boyfriend had to move out of the way in order for them to safely disembark the service at Colchester.

Hollie was also furious to see Greater Anglia’s Twitter response, which began “sorry Hollie was upset,” telling the Guardian she felt that meant they were “not sorry about it.”

A spokesperson for Greater Anglia told the newspaper that they had no record of Hollie booking a seat, saying that she only booked platform assistance, which she did receive.

They continued: “We are sorry to hear Hollie was disappointed with her journey yesterday.

“Hollie had booked assisted travel at Norwich station and staff helped her on and off the train. She had a disabled seat in first class. Several members of staff checked that she had enough room and was comfortable.

“This train had a static trolley service instead of a cafe bar. The static trolley was located across the aisle from Hollie’s seat, in an unused disabled seat. Had this area been needed during the journey, our staff would have moved the trolleys.”

Image: Flickr/Richard Haughey


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